1st Qualification


Pass mark* in Certificado de Conclusao de 2.Grau as well as first year of four year Brazilian degree    OR

Vestibular/ENEM/PAS as well as first year of four year Brazilian degree

*Passmark = 50%+ or symbol 1 to 5


Certificado de Conclusão de Ensino Médio

(Also Known as: Certificado de Ensino Médio, Certificado de Conclusão de Segundo Grau) The Title “Certificado de Ensino Médio” may be used on certificates issued by some institutions. Older qualifications may have the title “Certificado de Conclusão de Segundo Grau”

Is considered comparable to GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level/ Scottish Higher standard

For every subject passed with the exception of English Language.English is studied as a second language and is notcomparable to English Language GCSE Studied in the UK.

Type of Exemption: 

(Reg 28)