1st Qualification
Senior Secondary School Certificate obtained at a senior high school, senior vocational high school or supplementary senior secondary school accompanied by letter of eligibility for bachelor’s degree admission on basis of Universities and Colleges Joint Entrance Examination test results


Higher Education

Male first year students are required to complete a period of military service before they enter university; however, they may choose to defer their service until after they have graduated. Substitute civilian public service such as a placement in domestic security, the social services, diplomacy and justice administration is also available

Admission Requirements

Students wishing to enter a university undergraduate programme must sit the General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT) which assesses students’ ability in Chinese, English, mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences.

Prior to 2002 students sat the Joint University Entrance Examination (JUEE) which was supervised by the Ministry of Education and was widely regarded as difficult. The entrance examination was split into five academic groups

Arts and Performing Arts
Agriculture science
Biology and medicine
Engineering and science and related subjects
Humanities, business, law and social sciences and related subjects
Previously, entry to university was based solely on performance in the GSAT/JUEE but now factors such as participation in extra-curricular activities and international competitions are taken into account and these are promoted by schools; however, the GSAT is still considered very important.

Type of Exemption:
(Reg 28)