Until 3 September 1992 the matriculation exemption regulations of the Joint Matriculation Board (JMB) contained some guidelines on the acceptance of some foreign school qualifications for admission to first degree studies at universities in South Africa.

When the Matriculation Board of the Committee of University Principals (CUP) accepted responsibility for administering the matriculation endorsement and exemption regulations on 4 September 1992, this list was extended in the amended set of regulations that was published in 1994. Amendments were effected regularly and a comprehensive set of regulations was published on 5 December 2008, pages 29 to 50 of which specifically relate to admission requirements according to country of origin click here to download the Government Gazette or go to foreign qualifications.

This website, which became active in January 1999, supplemented the information contained in the booklets and is being updated on a regular basis. Hard copies will only be forwarded to institutions on request.

As it was not possible to list all the possible qualifications and combinations of foreign qualifications that could be presented for university admission purposes,the most general ones are listed according to the country of origin.