1st Qualification
Pass marks (11 +) in five Baccalauréat II (up to 1990) or Baccalauréat General (as from 1991) Subjects including four SA HG Subject equivalents as well as first year of three or four year Licence or bachelor’s degree

* Average of 11+ for Baccalauréat

Baccalauréat General Also known as Baccalauréat II before 1991

Is considered comparable to GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level/Scottish Advanced Higher Standard

Every subject passed may be considered at least comparable to GCSE grades A*-C, with the exception of English language. English is studied as a second language and is not considered comparable to English language GCSE Studied in the UK.

** As on UKNARIC

Type of Exemption:
(Reg 28)